Discover Wallet Demo

Creatix was asked to design an interface that was able to accommodate the many functions of a MTP “mobile transaction platform”.

The immediate requirement was to support all wallet related functionalities which included everything from payment, loyalty, offers and banking.

The intention of this demo was to enable these functions through a simple and intuitive interface that also leveraged NFC “Tap” capabilities.


Payment Card Management

Users are able to manage their payment cards and perform the typical functions you would expect; check balances, make payments, and view transaction histories.


Leveraging NFC “Tap” functionality and OTA (Over the Air) settlement with the Point of Sale, the application was able to facilitate payment, redeem offers and associate loyalty cards.

Backing functionality

In addition to wallet functions, the application allowed users to perform basic banking functions.

Offer Management

Our Discover Wallet enabled users to be pushed targeted offers, discover new offers on their own, save them, and then be able to redeem them at the point of sale.