Intake IQ

Intake IQ

The most comprehensive and intelligent nutrition programming tool available.

Our proprietary technology crunches all the numbers, makes all the correlations, applies suggested limits and rules to provide you with the most optimum nutritional guidance paired with proper supplementation.



The Perfect Nutrition Plan

We’re a team of data scientists, nutritionists, fitness and health coaches that study food and medical data to help millions of people like you make smart decisions about your nutritional intake and natural supplementation.

Take control of your health, weight and chronic conditions by working 1:1 with our team of nutrition coaches. They will help educate you and empower you to make better nutritional decisions, hold you accountable, keep track of your progress and motivate you when you waver.

Send it to your smartphone

Users are able to access all their data on-the-go. Nutrition plans, grocery lists and coaching engagement.

Receive coaching

Personalized coaching remarks where it counts.

Replace your meal

The algo allows for swapping entire meals and individual ingredients

Change ingredients

On-the-fly adjustments. Don't like something? change it!

Macro & micro nutrients

Most people only focus on the macros but the details are important.