C-SAM Lifestyle

The Lifestyle vision required an interface that was structure yet fluid in its content. The application was to serve contextually relevant content with associated actions to the User.

Our proposed interface accomplished this objective and supported almost every imaginable mobile transaction use case.


Mobile App


Lifestyle for iOS

Contextually relevant user feed

A User’s feed was triggered by location, time and learned habits. The interface brought only what was relevant at that point in time to the user’s attention.

Consoludated Wallet services

The Lifestyle interface accommodated a variety of services that a typical User would be interacting with: In-Store Purchases, online purchases, offers, payment cards, loyalty cards, bill payment, etc.

Intelligent offers

Our Lifestyle interface accommodated for the use and delivery of intelligent offers to the User based on the interpreted context.


Scan QE or use NFC at Point of Sale Terminal


Review Transaction Details


Confirm using Passcode


You're done