C-SAM mRetail

Intended to be a white-label mobile wallet for retailers who are integrating with an NFC / digital payments solution.

Our proposed interface enabled retailers of all sizes to support digital payments, offers, and value add functionalities like notifications and geo-location services.


Mobile App


Mretail for iOS

targeted offers with instant purchase

With a mobile presence, a Retailer is not able to deliver targeted offers to the consumer. Targeted based on purchase history, location and activities within their physical stores. Our interface delivers this is a simple and direct matter with the ability to purchase through the application and complete the transaction in-store our out of store.

Store locator

It is important for a user to be able to find store locations and be able to filter them by specific offerings of those respective stores.

Easy payment card onboarding

We skinned a third party tool similar to which enables users to simply snap a picture of their credit card and add to their wallet.

simple checkout

A quick, simple and easy checkout process is critical to a retailer. Whether it is in-store or out of store purchases, they need to be quick, and our interface accomplishes that.